Zoe Jones/Christopher Boyadji: “We first met at the ISU Adult Competition”

Zoe Jones/Christopher Boyadji
Photo from @chris_boyadji

Zoe Jones and Christopher Boyadji paired up in April 2016 and have since won three national titles in a row. Last week, they took 4th place at the Bavarian Open, which took place in Oberstdorf, Germany. 

In an interview with the “Blossom on Ice”, which Zoe and Christopher had given before the start of the tournament, the skaters commented on their performance at the European Championships in Graz and told what life troubles they had to face, as well as how they met at the competition among adult amateurs and decided to pair up.  

You had a really good skate in Graz. How do you feel about your performance?  


Honestly, I think we’re quite happy with it. There was one major mistake in the free skate, but it happens. Usually we’re very strong on the throw jump, so I think we were just unlucky this time. Normally it’s not a problem. Overall, we’re very happy with what we’ve done in Graz. Short program was clean. Free program was, let’s say, nearly clean. It’s a very good improvement for us. 


It was a difficult few weeks leading up to this, with family life and things going on. It has just been very hard. So, I’m really happy with what we’ve done here. 

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