Starr Andrews: “I want to be different than everyone else.”

Starr Andrews
Photo from @starrandrews2001

At the 2020 World Junior Figure Skating Championships, which took place in Tallinn at the beginning of March, the 2019 International Challenge Cup silver medalist and 2017 U.S. national junior silver medalist, an American figure skater, Starr Andrews, placed eighth with 180.87 points.

In an interview with the “Blossom on Ice”, Starr commented on her performance in Tallinn and told why she wants to be different than everyone else, who brought her to the ice rink when she was a kid and how the video on YouTube that she posted for relatives has gotten 55 million views.

How do you feel about your performance at Junior Worlds in Tallinn?

I feel really good. I definitely tried to put all my energy out in both of my programs, and I’m really proud of myself.

The music for my short program is a song by Christina Aguilera, and it is definitely one of my favorite programs. It has a lot of emotion. Even listening to it, you could tell the emotion in her voice. So, it’s really good to skate to.

My long program is Salome, “Dance of the Seven Veils”. It’s definitely different from any programs I’ve done before, and I really like it, too. I’ve been working really hard on it, and I was excited to show it in Tallinn. 

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