Kirsten Moore-Towers/Michael Marinaro: “This year we are trying to make a huge step forward”.

Kirsten Moore-Towers/Michael Marinaro
Photo by David W. Carmichael

Canada’s Kirsten Moore-Towers and Michael Marinaro paired up in 2014. Together they are the 2019 Canadian national champions, the 2019 Four Continents silver medallists, and have won medals on both the Grand Prix and Challenger series, including gold at the 2019 Nebelhorn Trophy and 2017 U.S. International Classic. 

They talk about the Nebelhorn Trophy, their new programs, their recent move from Montreal to Oakville, and more. 

You opened this season at Nebelhorn Trophy, where you placed first both in the short and free program. How do you feel about your performance in Oberstdorf?


It was a good starting place for our first competition of the season. This year we are definitely trying to make a huge step forward, so that we can be competitive with the big teams. That’s the main goal for us.


Yes, it was a starting point for sure. It wasn’t perfect, we lost a few levels but, as we run our programs, we’re learning where our sticky parts are, where we need some adjusting. Overall we were very pleased with how we skated at the Nebelhorn Trophy.

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Nam Nguyen: “It’s going to be a great Nationals this year.”

Nam Nguyen
Photo by Maria Kateshova

The 2019 Skate Canada International is the second event of the 2019–20 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating.  It will be held at Prospera Place in Kelowna, British Columbia from October 25–27. The 2014 World Junior champion, 2014 Skate America bronze medallist and a two-time Canadian national champion (2015, 2019) Canada’s Nam Nguyen is among the competing skaters.

He talks about his university studies, tough competition at Nationals, Worlds in Canada, touring with Stars on Ice, and more.

Apart from being a competitive skater, you’re also a student, and you coach kids in your free time. How do you manage to make time for all of the activities?

My coach and I, we just build the schedule around for the year and we try to be smart with what to do. Obviously the priority is training first, and then school, and then, if I have time and I have enough energy, I can coach. At the same time, I rarely have time off during the week. I’m very busy throughout the entire day.

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