Allison Reed/Saulius Ambrulevicius: “We try to be our best versions every time”.

Allison Reed/Saulius Ambrulevicius
Photo from @al_reed15

Lithuania’s ice dancers Allison Reed and Saulius Ambrulevicius paired up in 2017. They are the national champions of Lithuania 2017-2018. At the European Championships, which were held in Graz this January, the skaters took 11th place with a total score of 174.24.

Allison and Saulius gave this interview a few weeks before a tragic event in Allison’s family – on March 14 her brother Chris Reed, a 10-time champion of Japan in ice dancing, a talented skater and a very kind and positive person, died suddenly. We offer sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of Chris.

Allison, you’ve had a very interesting career so far – besides Lithuania, you also represented Georgia and Israel at international competitions, while you were born in the USA and you have Japanese roots. Would you please tell a bit about that?


Yes, I’m half American, half Japanese. My father is American, and my mother is from Japan. As for my career, my first partner was Georgian (Otar Japaridze – Blossom on Ice), and we skated for Georgia at the Olympics. After we broke up, I teamed up for Israel (with Vasili Rogov – Blossom on Ice) and, after that ended, I took a break for two years. I didn’t skate. Then, I wanted to come back. I met Saul, and we really hit it off. It wasn’t only on the ice, it was off the ice too. We got along really well, and I knew this was going to work. I knew this was going to be it for me, and I really hoped that we could achieve something great together. And I think we really are, and it’s meant the world to me.

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Lilah Fear/Lewis Gibson: “We had 31 versions of the same music for our free dance and 40 – for the rhythm dance”

Lilah Fear/Lewis Gibson
Photo from @lilahandlewis

The 2019 British Figure Skating Championships took place in Sheffield this weekend.

Ice dancers Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson, who competed for GB at this year’s European Championships and World Championships, placed first both in the rhythm dance and in the free dance to win the gold medal with 195.70 points.

In an interview with the “Blossom on Ice”, which Lilah and Lewis had given before the start of the tournament, the skaters told how the process of choosing music and setting programs for this season went, what records they set when cutting musical passages, who Lilah does  interviews with in her free time and why Lewis switched from footballers to skaters.

This year, the music pieces for the rhythm dance should be chosen from musicals or operettas. What is your favourite musical so far?


Okay. That’s a difficult question.


I know mine, so I’ll go first and you’ll think about it (smiles). My favorite musical is “Hamilton”. It’s a new musical about American history. I feel like it would be really cool for the ice, but  I don’t think it’s well-known enough yet.

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Kaitlin Hawayek/Jean-Luc Baker: “It’s not fun to be competitive in a negative way”

Kaitlin Hawayek/Jean-Luc Baker
Photo by David W. Carmichael

The ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating continues this Friday with the Shiseido Cup of China. The 2018 Four Continents champions, 2018 NHK Trophy champions, and 2019 U.S. national bronze medalists Kaitlin Hawayek and  Jean-Luc Baker are among the competing skaters.

They talk about their programs, their ultimate goals for this season, tough competition, and more.

Last season, you struggled a lot with injuries. Is everything OK now?


Everything’s okay. I had a concussion at the beginning of last season, which held on to me for quite a while, pretty much through until the end of Worlds. But the recovery process was really good, and my team, including Kaitlin, the coaches, and U.S. Figure Skating, were extremely supportive in every step.

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