Roman Sadovsky: “Don’t feel that I fully performed my programs the way I could”

Roman Sadovsky
Roman Sadovsky/Instagram

Canada’s Roman Sadovsky has won two gold medals on the ISU Junior Grand Prix series and represented Canada at three World Junior Championships. Last week, he placed 3rd with 222.23 points at The 2019 Finlandia Trophy, which is the sixth in a series of ten events of the 2019-20 Figure Skating Challenger Series.

After the free skate, Roman commented on his performance. 

Are you satisfied with your performance here in Finland?

I think yes and no. I was really happy with the short program, with a small mistake at the end. The long one went similarly, where the first half was really good, but the second half not so much. So I just hope that I can keep my training going.

Would you please tell us about your programs?

My programs are both the same from last year because I didn’t feel that I fully performed them the way I could. To be honest, I still don’t feel that (smiles).

The short program was done by David Wilson. The piece was given to me by him. I initially didn’t want to do it because it felt too slow. He sort of grilled me into it.

The long program was done by Marc Pillay and what I like about the programs is, they’re both really different. The short program is a love story and it’s supposed to be more of a passionate, refreshing kind of feeling. Then the long program is the complete opposite, it’s a fight for survival, it’s more dramatic.

What did you take from this competition?

I’ve had a rough time with injuries in the summer, so haven’t had really consistent practice. Unfortunately, I only have a week and a half until Skate Canada. So hopefully, I can just keep my training schedule more or less consistent throughout the week and then be ready for Skate Canada.

Ludmila ORLOVA, Espoo